Home last Next Leeds. Headingley. Otley Road £6 Pr. PU in 1908? Date unclear. Pub unknown Jerusalem. Foot of Hezehiah £3 Pr. P/Ud but message and date 1918. Pub Agles South Africa. Simons Town Beach £2 Pr. P/Ud 1905. Pub P S & C Canada. Montreal from Mount Royal. £2 Pr. P/Ud. Pub Valentine Canada. Head of Courtney Bay. St John. NB £2 Pr. P/Ud. Pub Valentine Watford hIgh Street. £5 Pr. P/Ud. Pub Photochrom Crystal Palace. The Topsy Turvy £4 Pr. P/Ud. Pub Field’s Salisbury. High St Gate. £5 Prestatyn Lower High Street. £8 RP. PU in 1940. Pub Walkden Williams Hong Kong. The Market £20 (undivided back PC) Pr. P/Ud Pub Messageries Maritimes Market Drayton. Cheshire Street & Butter Cross £5 Pr. PU in 1947. Pub R M & S Caernarvon. “Lee He” Lunch & Tea Boat £6 RP. P/Ud. Pub unknown