New Cards page 3 Home last Next Scotland. Gatehouse of Fleet. Galloway. £4 RP.P/Ud. Pub White Mickleton. Three Ways Hotel. Glouctershire. £3 RP. P/Ud. Pub Bourne Ravenstor Youth Hostel. £2.50 Pr. PU in 1943. Pub Pagan Canadian Pacific Railway Statement of Earnings & Expenses 1921 Pr. PU in 1921 Pub CPR. (Front & Back of Card) Newcastle. Shields Road. Heaton £6 Pr. PU in 1904. Pub Ruddock New Zealand. Nelson Girls College. £4 Pr. P/Ud. Pub Unknown New Zealand. Nelson City £6 RP. P/Ud. Pub Hounsell’s Japan. Kobe. TakiMichi Street View £5 RP. P/Ud. Pub unknown Llandudno. Wyddfyd Lodge Cafe. £5 RP. P/Ud. Pub Frith Norway. Trondhiem. Munkegaten £4 Pr. P/Ud. Pub Kioskenes Ekspedition Hong Kong.  The Great Wall £15 Pr. P/Ud. Pub Piens of Kowloon