England Index Rainow, Pedley Hill. R/P P/Un Pub RAP. £5 Altrincham, Stamford New Rd. Pr, P/Ud(stamp removed)  PubThornton, £6 Altrincham, Manchester Rd, Pr, P/Ud 1907 Pub Butler £7 Rainow, Tower Hill. R/P P/Un Pub RAP. £5 West Kirby, Banks Rd. R/P, P/Un Pub Frith £6 West Kirby Old Village, Pr, P/Un, Pub Wrench £10 West Kirby Grange Rd. R/P, P/Ud, Pub? £14 NOTE the back has been blacked out to hide message Raby, Wheatsheaf Inn, R/P, P/Un, Pub ? £8 West Kirby, The Crescent. R/P, P/Un, Pub Tuck £6 West Kirby Graham Rd, R/P, P/Ud 1917 Pub GNS West Kirby Hilbre Island, Pr, P/Ud 1918. Pub Valentine £6 Sold Northwich subsidence Leftwich. £12 Home Next last